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We Are Channel only

We made this decision early, its very simple, we will only deliver our service through our Channel Partners. We know our role is to evolve the service and make our Channel Partners exciting and compelling.


This is where we change gear, we can, and will, integrate into any environment that makes you more successful. Our platform is designed to work with the most prominent cloud based services.


This is the future, that’s a fact, but it becomes “Unnecessarily Complicated as a Service” when your Cloud PBX vendor force feeds you functionality you already get from your CRM or Office Software.

UK Development Team

Our developers are veterans, they are based in the UK and they know what’s wrong and how to put it right, our partners drive them and they listen then they build.

Disruptive Commercials

We know the price point that works for you, we own our technology, we are not simply buying licenses and making a margin reselling a 3rd party platform.

Write your own Ending

Not only are we already ultra-competitive and our T&C’s are amongst the fairest you will ever find, add into that that we will want our partners to own the relationship and contracts you can write your own ending.


Adding Cloud PBX Just Makes Sense

Adding Cloud PBX Just Makes Sense

Right out of the blocks we have a robust full-featured Cloud PBX. We know our Channel Partners are going to want more, we’re banking on it! That’s where the API will come into play.


Why choose Telency Cloud Telephony

Why choose Telency Cloud Telephony

Telency has evolved from a rich heritage, delivering complex solutions to the international carrier community for over 30 years. Telency is leveraging that knowledge and experience to build a European cloud telephony service exclusively for the Channel.


Out of the Box

Out of the Box

All the bases are covered; we have an effective Ordering & Provisioning Portal and a feature rich hosted PBX. We offer all the latest endpoints you would expect to see, including Polycom & Snom.

Years of Innovation
Million Subscribers using Telsis Messaging Platforms
Million Calls per hour Made on Telsis Platforms
Million Simultaneous Calls Handled by Telsis Voice Platforms


It's our job to make you unique, whether it's within

Flexible Backend API

API Integration Options

Connect to Popular Cloud Services

Telency Native API

Application Control

These APIs may be enabled on a per-customer basis, and allow customers to integrate services such as click-to-call, screen popping and call logging.

Users connect their existing cloud accounts to the Telency network through add-ons available on the respective app marketplace – there are no local software installations to coordinate.

Telency connects to the most popular cloud communication ecosystems (Skype for Business), cloud productivity suites (Office 365, GSuite) and CRM services (SalesForce, Zendesk, Bullhorn).

Telency’s native RESTful API enables resellers’ own cloud based applications to take advantage of Telency telephony.

Applications can control calls on the Telency network directly, or be notified of calls placed by extension users.

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