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Deliver Opex based SaaS for your customers but receive the lifetime revenues upfront

12, Apr 2019

Traditionally leasing companies have been very happy to fund thousands of pounds worth of hardware for a customer to take ownership of a new telephone system over three or five years. For decades this has been bread-and-butter business for leasing companies as there was always a valuable telephone system to collect if the customer failed to pay. With the mass adoption of cloud based telephony, many partners have yet to realise that leasing companies have developed financial products specifically for software as a service PBX delivery models.

The advantages of a PBX SaaS leasing solution for your customers: they have nothing to pay upfront with a fixed recurring monthly fee that covers software, professional services and all hardware components of a hosted Telency PBX, this removes large Capex outlays and unpredictable monthly bills.

The problem for partners with this model is clear; while the monthly fee provides a steady stream of income, the revenue collected trickles in slowly over the lifetime of the contract making meaningful upfront business investments difficult and paying sales people a challenge.

Gain the full lifetime value of your SaaS PBX contracts upfront: With Telency you can gain the cash benefits of a traditional Capex based PBX sale while still delivering an Opex based solution for your customers. Telency has been formally approved by well-known financing companies, who can finance the equipment, professional services and software elements of a hosted Telency PBX seat. This is the best of both worlds; customers still get to pay monthly, while dealers receive the full value of the SaaS contract up front. Partners can still offer their customers the best value, without compromising on the cash required to invest in the growth of their businesses and a properly incentivised sales team.

How exactly does it work?

Step 1: The partner arranges a financing agreement over 36 or 60 months between the financing company and the end customer

Step 2: Once this agreement is approved and finalised, the financing company pays the partner the full value of the SaaS contract

Step 3: The end customer pays the third party back in monthly instalments over time

Need help in arranging financing for our customers? Telency can help!

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