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Everything you need in a phone system and nothing you don’t - with 300 integrations and counting that’s Telency

22, May 2019

With so many class leading cloud telephony providers in the market place for channel partners, it’s hard to see the wood for the trees sometimes.

Multisite multinationals can clearly make proper use of full fat UC, but for most companies a well featured simple to use phone system that integrates into the software they use every day is all they need.

That’s why we have integrated Cloud Desk Connect to our popular Cloud Desk service.

Right out of the box, you simply switch it on and it does the rest, improving workflow allowing you to do things you haven’t been able to do before with your telephony.  With Cloud Desk Connect you get relevant information about the caller before you even answer the call. You are able to make calls from whatever application you use, either with a class leading handset or our integrated soft phone.





While none of this is particularly revolutionary, we are packaging this extremely attractively ensuring you make the maximum margin while delivering a service that won’t churn, we have even gone to the length of making this a service that is acceptable for leasing over 3 to 5 years through a leading finance house.

Probably most importantly, we have never lost focus on ease-of-use, this isn’t a system built by techies for use by techies. A complete novice could have an IVR with complex queues and bespoke announcements up and running in minutes, making adds moves and changes astonishingly easy.

Cloud Desk comes with practically everything a business needs, no hidden charges, no set up fees, it’s staggeringly easy to use, just everything you need in one package; calls, call recording, queues, hunt groups, BLF, the list goes on and on.

Why not click here and book a 10 minute introductory chat or book a 30 minute webinar for you or a colleague.