Telency are the 'Carrier Grade' UK based 'Pure Cloud' alternative

24, Apr 2018

Telency are the "Carrier Grade" UK based "Pure Cloud" alternative to Broadsoft for the Channel in the UK.

By now you may have seen our Launchpad partner program through our social media channels. We have been using the tools available to promote our amazing commercial offer of free full feature seats for new partners for 6 months with zero commitment at the end of the promotion.

We love creating exciting campaigns for our new and existing partners, these tools are being used in some game changing ways. This is absolutely not a B2C race to the bottom on price, its far deeper than that if you'll pardon the pun.

We have deliberately sacrificed our margin to allow our partners to differentiate in the noisiest telecoms space in a generation.

Launching a cloud telephony service to the channel in 2018 is massively challenging, and we are playing to our strengths by empowering our partners to not discount to their hearts content but win to their hearts content. This is only possible because we own all the technology, and that leads us on to a point that we feel needs emphasising.

We have some worthy competitors out there, some who are new entrants like us but don't have a genuine carrier grade, tried and tested infrastructure that's respected and used in anger by carriers you will know well.

Some on the other hand are mature and well respected and feature in the rankings of the great and the good but are heavily tainted by the high-level of M&A activity at the top of the food chain.

Also, for many years now the American super brands have been well represented here in the UK but they tend to have an elite direct sales force that can at times conflict with a true channel message. Some don't even offer a channel proposition.

We are delighted with the reception we have received from the Channel, we are keen to demonstrate further the lengths we will go to in order to make our partners win more.

Please get in touch and test this theory, we would love to help.