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Transform Skype for Business into a fully featured cloud phone system

09, May 2018

We promised our partners a zero hassle low cost way to bring their customers a voice PBX inside their Skype for Business user experience.

We promised it would be simple to implement and simple to use.

We said that you would be able to make calls directly from the familiar Skype internal and external contact lists.

We said it would screen pop with caller's details using our lookup service and allow you to answer the call on the desktop simplifying workflow.

The same lookup and dialling technology will also work with 30 more well-known CRM's including Salesforce, NetSuite, Dynamics, Sage and many more.

We said that your Skype presence would reflect the fact you are making an external phone call giving your colleagues extra visibility of your availability.

We also said that you would be able to make these Skype for Business calls from a desktop softphone using your internal sound card.

We also committed to letting these calls be handled in either IOS or Android mobile devices.

You can also make these Skype for Business calls through your physical handset on the desk.

Well... we are delighted to say we are now live and this bolt-on can now be added to your free Launchpad seats for as little as £1 per user.

If you sell Skype for Business, or have Skype for Business users in your customer base, then this is the simplest and most profitable way to enhance that already great service and let them add their phone system to Skype for Business with our Cloud Desk Pro bolt-on.

Get in touch now for a demo.