Telency has evolved from a rich heritage, delivering complex solutions to the international carrier community for over 30 years. Telency is leveraging that knowledge and experience to build a European cloud telephony service exclusively for the Channel.

Our service has been designed to work with the most prominent cloud environments, including Microsoft Skype for Business and Googles GSuite, and we are looking forward to our partners driving new development projects in the future.

We are using the same Ocean Services Platform (OSP) that Telsis' customers have relied upon for many years, its technology we have created in house with our own dedicated UK based development team.

It's our role to start the story, our partners should define their own ending. Our agile solution and flexible APIs mean we can rapidly integrate with new backend platforms, enabling our partners to meet the demands of their customers and solve complex business challenges.


Our Story

At Telsis, our purpose is to enable high impact services that are cost-effective and compelling propositions for network operators and their customers.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Telsis have the experience to deliver solutions that are attractive to customers. Our customers include a wide range of multi-national; national and regional network operators in both the fixed and mobile domains.

We have been a pioneer in the telecoms industry and originally built and sold telephony switches to the major Network Operators around the world. With the move to IP-based telephony, we now focus on the intelligent platform needed by our customers to power the range of services they need now and in the future.

Our Technology

The Telsis Ocean Services Platform, or Telsis OSP for short, is Telsis' next generation core network services platform.

Deployed in the heart of several leading network operators, including TalkTalk here in the UK, and multiple mobile and regional operators, the Telsis OSP benefits from Telsis' 30-year heritage in telephony service design.


The Telsis OSP is at the heart of the Telency service. It provides a robust, stable platform that supports both geographic resilience and is scalable to meet the demands of our customers.

The Telsis OSP is built around an open architecture supporting web APIs and next generation telephony interfaces, enabling seamless integration with back end solutions.

We own all the necessary pieces along with all the skills to construct your cloud telephony offering, we have all the components to allow our Channel Partners to craft a product that when consumed will eradicate all the functionality overlap that's often present when you implement multiple vendors together.

This is where customers can finally get a Cloud-based PBX solution that compliments their UC Strategy, not one that gives them and their users multiple instances of IM, Video, Desktop sharing.

Telency is simple, if it makes sense we will do it, the customer's journey is the most important part of the story, we want our Channel Partners to be relevant and compelling, you can't achieve that with an off the shelf solution, We Listen, We Build.

Our team has extensive experience in the Cloud industry, and is focused on delivering robust solutions to both operator and enterprise customers. We invest heavily on R&D, and are dedicated to providing best in class solutions.

Our skills are backed up by experienced operations and support teams that are there to back you from first customer engagement through to fulfilment and beyond.

Meet The Team

Simon Brittain

Managing Director

Simon has been in the communications industry for over 20 years, he has worked with the world's

leading communications brands and is a specialist in delivering to the Channel.

Simon plans to build a channel that shares a vision and works together to exceed quotas and deliver solutions that solve real business problems with software that's built to make life easier for the end user.

He is dedicated to working with partners and helping them deliver their business plans. Telency has been created to listen to its Partners and react to real time requirements to secure long term contracts that give real customer satisfaction.

Chris Mead


Chris is Telency's technical leader, chief software architect and the manager of the development team. Chris has a solid engineering background with extensive knowledge from network architecture down to the protocols, stack and code level. Over his 17-year career Chris has worked with leading network operators including Vodafone, 3, and EE.

Graham Moore

Product Director

With over 20 years' experience in the industry, Graham has held a number of development roles before moving into a management role and then into product leadership.

Graham has worked with a number of major network operators, including Vodafone, O2, EE and EWE TEL to ensure our products allow them to meet their business objectives.

Adam Osborne

Head of Support

With over 10 years' experience in the industry Adam looks after the operation of the underlying Telency platform.

Adam is an experienced front line support engineer, and has worked on numerous solution deployments including delivery of projects to leading mobile and tier-2 opeators.

Jason Whittam

Sales Director

Jason has been in the communications industry for over 20 years, he has worked with the world's leading communications brands as well as cutting edge startups and is a specialist in delivering to the Channel.

Jason's vision is to build a channel of core partners and work closely to build steady, increasing and reliable recurring revenue streams based on delivering solutions that solve real business issues with a platform that's built to make life easier for the end user.

He is committed to working with partners and help them grow their business through Telency's array of cloud based telephony solutions. One of Telency's differentiators is to listen to its Partners and react to real time requirements by adding features and functionality that is needed now to secure long term contracts and create genuine customer loyalty with our Partners.