Cloud Desk

Telency Cloud Desk is a full featured business cloud telephony platform that is built on the Telsis Ocean Services Platform, a carrier grade environment trusted for over a decade by the world's leading carriers.

Many Cloud telephony vendors suffer from a condition we call "feature bloat", rather than serving you with a lean Cloud PBX service which does what it says on the tin, you end up being force fed with functionality you already have within your CRM or other Enterprise applications.

With Telency you can take a bloat-free Cloud PBX solution which will not replicate functionality that's already in your enterprise, you are free to use the features that compliment your existing investments and consume them harmoniously to deliver an uncomplicated user experience that enhances workflow.

Integrating Telency Cloud Desk with your Enterprise applications is the future, but we want to make sure you can achieve this with simplicity; UCaaS should not become Unnecessarily Complicated as-a-Service!


CRM Integration

Telency Cloud Desk Connect integrates with the following CRM applications: Salesforce, Skype Sage, ConnectWise, Google, Infor, Netsuite, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Dynamics, Infobel, Microsoft Outlook, SwiftPage, Zoho, Super Office, Lotus notes, goldmine, Eniro


Through our Skype for business integration users can know the availability of their colleagues so that they can call them when they are not busy or speak to another colleague who is available.

Cloud Contact Search

Search the contact data for callers’ info. We can do this with many leading CRM applications

Skype for business Integration

Make calls from directly inside the Skype application to numbers outside the enterprise and also integrate with skype presence letting other users in your enterprise know visually you are on a call

Queues with wrap up

You can include queues in you call flows allowing callers to be routed logically to agents and also allow a definable amount of time at the end of every call for administrative tasks before another call is presented.

Click to Dial

Enable dialling from within an integrated application

Screen Pop

Allow users to “pop” caller’s records within an application. For example, salesforce or google contacts.

Support for geographic numbers

Telency supports porting of your existing geographic numbers into our service. If you don't have existing numbers, or are looking to add numbers in new regions, then Telency is able to provide new numbers in locations around the world.

Support for non-geographic numbers

Telency supports porting of your existing non-geographic numbers into our service. Telency is also able to provide new non-geographic numbers, such as 03 numbers, Freephone numbers and premium rate numbers.

Web based management

Telency provides a simple, easy to use multi-tiered web based management interface. For end users, the web interface allows them to manage their service, configuring up diverts, voicemail and call recording preferences. For administrators, the interface allows them to manage their PBX, assigning extensions, managing hunt groups, setting up auto-attendants, etc.

Immediate service activation

Once a change is made to an extension, hunt group, auto-attendant or any other setting, the change is live immediately. No longer do you need to put up with lengthy delays while the changes are provisioned across the system.

Auto attendant
The Telency auto-attendant allows users to set up auto-attendant menus that allow calls to be automatically routed to the appropriate extension or hunt group.

Secretary mode

Secretary mode allows executives to set up dual ringing with the PA, so that incoming calls can be handled by their PA when they are busy or in meetings.

Multi-party conferencing

Telency provides a number of options for multi-party conferencing.

Advanced hunt groups with call queuing

Telency supports advanced hunt groups with fall back to call queuing with music on hold.

Voicemail (delivery to email)

Rather than providing traditional voicemail, Telency supports voicemail with delivery to the user's email account.

Service analytics

As standard, the Telency Cloud PBX comes with a web interface that allows statistics to be viewed online, the reports available include:

  • Calls
  • Answered calls
  • Unanswered calls
  • Total answered call length
  • Average answered call length
  • Average time to answer
  • Per region call count
  • Per region total answered call length
Call forwarding (unconditional/no reply/busy)

The Telency service provides standard call forwarding options, all of which may be managed using the Telency web portal.

Uploadable greetings

End users may upload their own personal voicemail greetings using the Telency web portal.

Range of call templates

Telency provides a range of call flows to meet different business demands. These template are built to suit requirements for different roles including home workers or sales teams that require a specific call flow to complete their daily tasks.

Multi-language support

The Telency web portal is multi-language ready and new languages may be added on demand.

Call recording (corporate compliance and personal)

The Telency solution supports both personal caller recording (with delivery to the users email), and corporate call recording with delivery to a 3rd party archive.

Management of handsets (supplied or on boarding of exiting handsets)

Telency is able to provide pre-configured, managed handsets, and has the ability to on-board existing handsets that your customer may already own.