The Telency services supports a flexible backend API for integration with web services. These APIs may be enabled on a per-customer basis, and allow customers to integrate services such as click-to-call, screen popping and call logging.

Telency also provides API integration options with several industry standard services, allowing seamless integration with those platforms. Due to the open nature of the Telency platform, new services can be easily integrated into the platform, we are confident you don't need another Cloud PBX Partner.


Telency connects to popular cloud services

  • Telency connects to the most popular cloud communication ecosystems (Skype for Business), cloud productivity suites (Office 365, GSuite) and CRM services (SalesForce, Zendesk, Bullhorn)
  • Users work with their Telency phone extension within the cloud service they are already used to
  • Converged Telency/cloud service experience allows users an uninterrupted workflow when making or taking calls
  • Users of cloud communication services gain efficiencies due to the deep level of integration with the Telency platform
  • Users connect their existing cloud accounts to the Telency network through add-ons available on the respective app marketplace - there are no local software installations to coordinate


Telency native API

  • Telency's native RESTful API enables resellers' own cloud based applications to take advantage of Telency telephony
  • Applications can control calls on the Telency network directly, or be notified of calls placed by extension users
  • Additional features and customisations can be applied by Telency rapidly, e.g. to address critical needs for specific verticals